fLex Solutions enables Air & Sea freight forwarders getting more business

fLex Solutions is a range of systems which help carriers, airlines, forwarders and customers in the freight forwarding industry. Built on a service oriented architecture the individual systems enables all major parties involved in moving Air and Sea cargo with a set of tools which minimize tedious tasks and provide exactly the amount of information needed for each specific task. Not only does this save time and costs, but also keeps business knowledge secure within the organisation, preserves a consistant profile towards customers and makes qouting collaboration easy.

fLex Solutions Modules

The individual systems are linked as the diagram shows and evolve around the quoting tool that forwarding companies use.

fLex Quotes uses standard web service interfaces and can therefore be linked to any existing ERP and CRM systems which it would need to collaborate with.

Quoting for transportation of Air and Sea cargo is a timeconsuming task due to a range of factors:

  • Extend of different quotes needed
  • Changing rates from carriers and airlies
  • New and altered government regulations
  • Frequency of quotes needed due to a highly competetive market
  • Amount of information needed to create an accurate (profitable) quote

To overcome these factors and replace these tedious tasks with more value creating activities fLex Quotes have a great palette of functionalities:

  • Template local costs and mass update across 100s of customers
  • Update screen for Air and Sea Quotes which provides changed profits according to current buying rates
  • Easy, searchable and comprehensive overview of buying rates
  • Historical storage of local costs, quotes and buying rates
  • Customer data specific to each product type
  • Light CRM information for effective quoting evaluation and targeting
  • Serial E-mail functionality with filters
  • Quote templates in the customers' own language
  • Dynamic agent data in quotes
  • Automatic update of location related data