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Where do we come from?

In 2006, Mark Kristensen, founded CON-LINQ with the idea to create visibility around freight rates and link to a quoting tool which could update all sea freight offers as one simple task. The quoting tool was implemented in a global Danish freight forwarding company and saved sales- and sea freight operation a lot of time and their customers were happy, that offers were sent in due time.

Over time, more freight forwarding companies start using our product fLex, and we have used inputs from many global freight forwarders to create digital transformations tools for all transport modes with the purpose of improving quality, customer service, and productivity.

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fLex is a platform supporting global freight forwarding companies with an extensive rate engine and flexible booking platform for all transport modes.

Mark Kristensen
Founder, CON-LINQ

Whether you are a global or a regional freight forwarder, fLex modules can be customized to increase efficiency in your rate management and support your growth.

fLex offers its transport partners to be the digitalization partner and the opportunity to optimize their processes for each individual transport mode, so costs are saved and the customers experience the benefits of a modern digital rate and booking platform. We can also offer our customers custom development in combination with the fLex product. Our solutions allow the transport partners to concentrate on their core business.

It is our mission to create Visibility:

  1. Visibility across transport stakeholders and geographies
  2. Visibility in communication enables you to control all parties, from shipping line, airlines, truckers, freight forwarders and customers.
  3. Rate Visibility: In general, rates from suppliers are with confusing terms and surcharges that makes the comparison challenging and your team needs to compare rates as quickly and efficiently as possible to do their jobs. Applying technology to achieve rate transparency can help organizations ensure that the most cost-effective rates, at the right service level, are consistently used.

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Quote accurate and fast with a direct transparency of cost base.


Template quoting and direct integration with courier suppliers, makes it possible for you to setup a customer within minutes.

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Air service


Gives your customers the ability to compare FCL and LCL options within the fLex online calculator


Quote on any container type and let fLex present your customers with a total price in the pdf design of your choice

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Air service


With easy buying rates integration to LCL suppliers, you are able to quote accurately on a service that fits your customer


Zone set templates and breakpoints templates makes quoting easy. And with the flexible booking engine you are always sure to get the booking info you need from your customers

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fLex is changing the way freight forwarders operate and it is affecting the entire process by which customers, freight forwarders, network and suppliers cooperate. fLex is more than technology that gains a competitive advantage over other global freight forwarders. It's a tool where freight operation can perform at a lower cost and establish a tighter relation with their customers.

How do we work?
In CON-LINQ developers are responsible for the entire development process from estimation to release preparation and subsequent support. This does not mean that each developer is alone, but the responsibility is clear and then each person can pull competencies from other team members when needed. We are located the Søborg, Denmark, but are working with customer data entry and application teams in China, India, Philippines, USA, Nepal and many other countries.

CON-LINQ office in Søborg