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Do you remember how you found airplane tickets before sites like or Expedia existed?

(We hope you do, otherwise we feel old.)

You’d call different airplane companies and compare prices. You’d spend hours researching the best route and price. Maybe even hire an airplane ticket company in order to get it all done correctly.

Unfortunately, this is still the reality among many freight forwarders.

As a freight forwarder, you’re probably used to getting tons of emails and calls from clients daily asking about price on different transport modes. You spend time taking calls, writing emails, making calculations and juggling between Excel sheets to find the right data for your clients.

And even though you’ve done this for a long time, you’re not physically able to do it any faster than you do now. The data still has to be correct and double-checked, the prices updated and compared.

But what if you could automate parts of this process? Not only to save time but to ensure that no human errors are made in collecting the information—and that you keep a high quality of data at the same time?

This was the vision the team that founded CON-LINQ in 2006. To build a quoting tool which could update all sea freight offers with just a few clicks and a minimum of time spend. The quoting tool was implemented in at global freight forwarding companies and saved sales—and sea freight operations—a lot of time and trouble.

This tool later became known as fLex. A Momondo for freight forwarders and their customers.

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Let’s take care of your rate and booking platform. You focus on your core business.

Mark Kristensen
Founder, CON-LINQ

Improving quality, customer service, and productivity

We get up in the morning to improve our customers’ operational and data quality, customer service, and productivity.

We put on your target group’s socks, trousers, and hats in order to understand what your customers need, expect, and demand—and then build it into our solution — fLex.

We do this in order to create visibility. Without fLex, freight forwarders don’t have full overview over their options and costs. We want to change that and brighten up these 3 essential processes:

  • Visibility across transport stakeholders and geographies: This gives you—and your customers—fast and reliable overview.
  • Visibility in communication: We enable you to control all parties—shipping lines, airlines, truckers, freight forwarders and customers.
  • Rate Visibility: In general, rates from suppliers are filled with confusing terms and surcharges that make comparisons challenging. Applying technology to achieve rate transparency helps organizations ensure that the most cost-effective rates, at the right service level, are consistently used.
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Quote accurate and fast with a direct transparency of cost base.


Template quoting and direct integration with courier suppliers, makes it possible for you to setup a customer within minutes.

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Air service


Gives your customers the ability to compare FCL and LCL options within the fLex online calculator


Quote on any container type and let fLex present your customers with a total price in the pdf design of your choice

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Air service


With easy buying rates integration to LCL suppliers, you are able to quote accurately on a service that fits your customer


Zone set templates and breakpoints templates makes quoting easy. And with the flexible booking engine you are always sure to get the booking info you need from your customers

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Who are CON-LINQ?

We are a company of 8 people in our office in Copenhagen, Denmark. And we’re all IT experts so you don’t have to be one. All day, we spend our time deep within a code or on the phone supporting our customers. We do this to help some of the biggest global freight forwarders automate their RMS and booking processes and save valuable time—at the same time, offering higher quality of service to their customers. Our team are responsible for the entire development process from estimation to release preparation and subsequent support. We are working with customer data entry and application teams in China, India, Philippines, USA, Nepal and many other countries.

CON-LINQ office in Copenhagen, Denmark