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SPOT-quoting campaign

We are very excited to present our new SPOT-quoting module to you. Therefore, we have decided to launch a campaign offering a three-month free license on the SPOT quoting module if we reach an agreement before May 31st. 2022. Sign up for your free demo here .

To become a digital freight forwarder, one must start capturing and controlling data in a structured and formalized process. Today’s e-mailing and phone calls are analog communication, and it is difficult to manage and track quote-to-win ratios. Quoting customers and agents is probably the most important thing for a freight forwarding company. With the ever-changing cost rates across the different transport modes, it’s vital to ease and streamline the process to stay competitive.

Going from analog to digital communication with customers, agents, and suppliers, can seem complicated. However, with our new SPOT quoting module, you can easily handle and manage your price requests and make quotes across all transport modes (Air, Sea, Road, Courier, Express, and Parcels). In addition, you get a complete overview of your business and your performance.

Like any other fLex module, the SPOT quoting module works independently or combined with our white-label booking platform and the rate management module.

To explore how the SPOT quoting module works, please reach out to Flemming Pedersen at or call +45 20 737271. You can also book a meeting here.