The year 2022 is slowly ending, and we wish you all Happy Holidays and all the best in 2023!

We thank all our customers for your excellent cooperation and sparring, and we look forward to continuing and supporting your business development in the future.

On the product side, we have focused a lot on migrating our fLex platform to the new Blazor technology. At the same time, we have created a unique and user-friendly interface that helps our customers increase efficiency and simplify their processes. The new platform includes associated documentation and helpdesk tutorials.

Besides the migration, we also succeeded in building API and RPA integrations for multiple Ocean carriers and Airlines. The carrier integrations make our fLex SPOT solution unique since we can handle all transport modes in one platform and help our customers easily quote their clients. You can read more about our fLex SPOT campaign below.

Finally, we have strengthened our organization and built several new partnerships, from which we expect a lot in 2023. This has resulted in 8 freight forwarding networks5 new technology partners that can supplement and support fLex, and 2 new partnerships with providers of Transport Management Systems.

So, with the broadest and most modern platform in the market, we are ready to make a difference in 2023 and help freight forwarding companies work smarter!