In CON-LINQ, we believe in collaboration and have built a robust and strategic partner community to support our client’s needs.

Utilize the fLex solution and our extensive ecosystem to bring new business to your company.

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Freight Network Partners:

CON-LINQ serves as a technology/sparring partner to multiple networks and their members. Our fLex solution covers all modes of transportation and has been developed in close collaboration with freight forwarding companies to solve real needs and give vital benefits. If you own a network, let’s discuss how we can benefit you and your members in digital transformation.

Integration partners:

Integrate seamlessly

CON-LINQ’s open API makes connecting your TMS or more systems quick and painless, whether you or your customers are using the most cutting-edge TMS with modern APIs or older, legacy systems built on EDIs.

Reach out, and let’s discuss how we can support integration to your TMS.

Technology partners:

To broaden our service offerings and support our clients 360 degrees, we have built strategic partnerships with some of the most robust and innovative technology partners. We connect to a range of track & trace platforms.