Digitize your information

With fLex SPOT, you gain direct access to SPOT rates, via API or RPA, from multiple carriers, i.e., Air, Ocean, and last-mile service providers. Combined with the fLex rate management module, you can easily compare SPOT rates and your contract rates in one overview and always choose the most optimal and competitive service options for your quote.


Capturing and controlling data is essential to build business intelligence, increasing productivity, and automating processes. Having data in emails or the employees’ minds doesn’t give you the complete picture, and it is challenging to integrate, share information and stay competitive!

Therefore, we have developed fLex SPOT. This simple tool allows you to easily collect, convert and digitize data on incoming price requests across all modes of transportation, i.e., Sea, Air, Road, Rail, and Express.

fLex SPOT is closely developed with freight forwarding companies to meet real needs and provide vital benefits, and as a freight forwarder, you maintain the personal touch and stay 100% in control.

In only a few steps and minutes, you can look up rates and quote your customers and agents and measure your results:

Following this process, all your quoting information/data is digitized. fLex SPOT will follow up on all quotes, and it is easy to see which have been accepted or are about to expire. This can help you proactively follow up to win more business.

In the build-in Dashboard, you find essential information such as:

  • Complete visibility and KPIs of your quoting process, i.e., quote-to-win ratios, average gross profit, the time it took quoting and the time it took for customers to respond, performance, etc.
  • Filter information on all levels, i.e., Worldwide, by country, branch, department, customer, and user.
  • And yes, you can extract all relevant information, so when you visit a customer, you know how many requests you have received and how many of these are turning into a business. Or you can see which lanes and destinations are the most wanted, which will help you be at the forefront of your procurement.
  • Finally, you will be able to prioritize your resources and efforts. Why spend time on agents that never give you any business?

Professionalize your quoting

It’s all about perception! When your customer receives a nice-looking quotation shortly after they send you a price request, they will be impressed. Customers and agents will be even more impressed if the quote is easy to understand and contains multiple service options. Customers who like what they see and find it competitive are more willing to press Book.

Integration into your Transport Management System (TMS)

We can integrate into your TMS via API. (Cargowise, Riege Scope, Uniteam, etc.) When your customer or agent confirms the Booking in the e-mail quote, we transfer shipment details, costs, and selling prices to your TMS. Automating this process saves you time, and there will be no mistakes keying in manually.

If you prefer to do it manually, we set up an email workflow routing booking confirmations to specific departments.

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