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fLex enables freight forwarding companies to digitize and automate business processes and streamline customer communication. We would love to support your digital strategy and transformation.

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Digital communication

Digitize customer communication and your quoting process for all transport modes….

Capturing and controlling data is a prerequisite for digitizing and automizing your sales and operational processes. Every price request holds a lot of data, which can be used to build intelligence and navigate your business. Having a Branded online platform/presence is an excellent start to digitizing communication and sharing information with your clients.

Most Freight forwarding companies quote their clients manually in e-mails, and data is very fragmented. Using the fLex SPOT quoting module helps you to professionalize and streamline your quotation process and to give you a complete overview of your quoting process, i.e., which destinations are requested the most, what the average gross profit per quote, how many price requests do we get and from which clients, who win the most business, etc.

For freight Forwarding companies wanting to take the first step towards digital communication!

Operational excellence

Access contract and carrier SPOT rates in one platform…

In the fLex Rate Management module, we help you manage all your contracted rates from multiple carriers in one platform. You can manage all kinds of contracts from Airlines, Ocean carriers, Road carriers, Rail carriers, and Postal- and Express companies.

We often see freight forwarding companies only source from very few sub-contractors since the manual working process sets its limitations. With fLex, you control your cost base effectively and can handle an unlimited number of carriers, services, and buying rates. This helps you stay more competitive, broaden your product portfolio, and offer one-stop shopping to your clients.

fLex provides a clear overview of contract and SPOT rates and helps you pick the right service/cost combination for your clients at any time.

For Freight Forwarding companies wanting to increase productivity and work smarter!

Sales excellence

Save 80% of your time on updating and maintaining general sales prices…

How much time do you spend on updating and maintaining general sales prices? Never an ending story, right?

The fLex quoting management module helps you to create, maintain and update general sales prices very effectively. We have automized this trivial task 100% so that whenever your cost-base changes, up or down, you do a mass update and send updated PDF Booklets to your clients. The updated sales prices will, of course, be available in your online Booking and Calculations platform, so you will always stay competitive.

Since your customers can help themselves by looking up rates and self-book, you will free up time to improve customer service, become more proactive and innovate your business.

For Freight Forwarding Companies wanting to be proactive and increase sales!

Last-mile suite

The fLex, Last Mile suite is a complete TMS solution. We have automated all processes so you can handle thousands of shipments with limited resources. We offer access to +100 Courier, Express, and Parcel Companies, and you can start reselling their services and become a full-service provider. (Upselling opportunity)

Selling Courier, Express, and Parcel services is easy and an excellent door-opener to new clients. Convenience is vital for your clients and serving all their transport needs on one platform will drive customer loyalty. (One-stop-shop)

Through API, we can integrate with your clients, carriers, e-com platforms, Warehouse management systems, etc.

For Freight Forwarding companies who want to control the end-to-end supply chain for their clients.