Speech at IFLN conference

At the IFLN conference in Las Vegas, our Commercial Director, Flemming Pedersen, was invited to give a speech on Digital Transformation in Freight Forwarding. Touching base on the market trends, Flemming highlighted some of the significant developments in the industry and why freight forwarding companies should prepare for Digital Transformation and innovate their businesses.

Industry trends:

  • Carriers and e-commerce platforms moving into the freight forwarding market want to control the end-to-end supply chain
  • Digital freight marketplaces push down margins
  • Shippers/BCOs require direct integrations, complete supply chain visibility, CO2 calculations, etc.
  • Technology becomes a competition parameter
  • An open freight market – require an online presence not to be forgotten
  • New digital generations

The essential takes were that there is plenty of room for innovative Freight Forwarding Companies daring to define their digital strategy, role in the market, and value proposition. Differentiation, accessibility, and marketing will be critical to compete in an open market. Word of mouth will probably not grow the business unless being very specialized. So, get practical in launching new technology – Get the right competencies onboard – Don’t wait to be perfect since you will never be!

Thank you to all the members of the IFLN Network for listening. With our FreightTech expertise, we are happy to be your sparring partner on how Technology can create sales and operations excellence and innovate business.

If you want us to speak at your conference or set up a meeting, please get in contact with Flemming Pedersen: fp@con-linq.com or phone: +45 20737271