Why consider having an online booking platform?

In CON-LINQ, we proudly present the newest design on our fLex white-label booking and calculation platform. Covering all modes of transportation in the same front-end makes our fLex solution unique, helping freight forwarding companies to have one face toward clients, optimize their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, leverage the opportunities the digital age offers, and prepare for the future.

So, why consider an online Booking platform? Like every other industry, digital transformation will change how we do business, and freight forwarding will be no exception. Capturing and controlling data is vital and a good place to start; therefore, digitization is at the top of the agenda in many freight forwarding companies. Here are some reasons:  

Efficiency: An online booking platform automates and simplifies the booking process, saving the company and customers time and resources. This reduces manual errors and speeds up handling shipments and exchanging booking data.

Increased Accessibility: With an online platform, customers can book their shipments anytime, regardless of the company’s working hours. This increases accessibility and convenience for customers, helping to attract and retain them.

Global Reach: An online platform enables the company to reach customers worldwide without establishing physical offices in every area. This expands the company’s global reach and growth opportunities.

Real-time Updates: Customers can access up-to-date shipment information, including status, location, and estimated arrival time. This enhances transparency and trust in the company. Either from direct integrations to suppliers or from updates done in the TMS system

Scalability: An online booking platform makes it easier for the company to handle growing shipments and customers without significantly increasing the number of employees. This helps maintain efficient operations and minimize costs.

Automated Documentation: An online platform can generate and store all necessary documents and paperwork electronically, reducing the risk of lost or incorrect documents and streamlining the administrative burden.

Competitive Advantage: Customers expect convenience and user-friendliness in an increasingly digitized world. A company with an effective online booking platform can differentiate itself from competitors and attract more customers.

Customer loyalty: Providing all modes of transportation in a single platform drives customer loyalty and makes their lives easier.

Data Collection and Analysis: An online platform allows for collecting data about customer preferences, buying behavior, shipment patterns, and other relevant information. This data can be used to optimize business processes and make informed decisions.

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