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Outperform your competing freight forwarders by offering your customers in-demand online calculation, comparison across all transport modes, and easy quote collaboration. Only by getting 1 new IT solution.

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How we can help your company

  • Save time. We help you automate tedious tasks, e.g. endless emails and too many hours spent in outdated Excel sheets. Our customers only spend 10% of the time updating quotes, compared to quoting in Excel or from TMS systems.
  • Reduce errors. Our system provides exactly the information needed to perform each task. Because you don’t have to update everything manually, you reduce human errors when making quotes and bookings. We take pride in keeping data and business knowledge secure within your organization.
  • Enhance corporate identity. What does fLex look like? It looks like it’s part of your business. We tailor your version of fLex according to your design wishes. That means you can provide your own calculator for your customers and send professional-looking quotes in a recognizable format. Every time.
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What makes fLex different?

Maybe you’ve considered other IT solutions on the market. Maybe you’ve considered building your own. fLex creates results by offering:

  • Development and support in Denmark. The fLex solutions have been developed by skilled IT professionals in Denmark over the past 10+ years, which means you can rely on the high quality of our product. We know what your customers demand and we’ve developed the solutions to end real freight forwarders’ frustrations. We offer support and train our customers to use the system as easily and efficiently as possible.
  • High search speed. fLex works fast and reliably. You anticipate speed and ease in all other places online—so why not provide it yourself and enjoy the benefits?
  • All transport modes are covered. To our knowledge, no other IT solution on the market enables you to compare rates for sea, air, road and courier freight costs at the same time. This creates an immediate overview for your customer and allows you to calculate the most profitable transport option for your business.
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What we offer

fLex is an all-in-one solution to make the whole process for global freight forwarders easier. It can be composed of the following modules to fit your needs:

We offer sea, air, road, and courier procurement in one system. This makes controlling, updating, and maintaining rates fast and safe. The result is increased efficiency for the entire organization. fLex procurement is developed to sharpen freight forwarders’ competitive edge by providing fast, reliable rate search, maintaining and comparing rates. In fLex, you can get all related freight charges including origin and destination charges. A procurement system to shipping lines, co-loaders and other suppliers will reduce costs and time for rate upload and provide you with better data quality.

Carrier Management Module is a system that aims to improve the relationship with shipping and airlines in, communicating online with carriers, requesting rates and monitor suppliers' responses. Implementing the Carrier Management Module is a strategic advantage to both Sea and Air freight management, as the sharing of carrier requests and responses will enable structured communication and transparency within the procurement departments.

Today, your customers and your network require freight rates fast and easy. With an online quoting tool, your customers and your network around the world can use fLex freight calculator and get needed rates, compare rates, and get transit times immediately. fLex addresses the challenges with different time zones and offers customer service staff who are busy with handling shipments—or your sales team who are out of the office. Together with our fLex procurement system, managing profit margins and updating quotes takes no time, and your sales team will spend less time on freight quotes and more time on clients and offers. In the end, this makes you able to win more customers, provide better service, and expand business.

Customer-facing platforms reduce costs and increase shipping efficiency. Your customers don’t have to be experts in logistics chose the right mix between transport time and cost. Your customers can with fLex, online compare door-to-door freight costs between sea, air, road and courier transport modes in one platform, which reduces the time your customer service spends on calculating specific shipment for your customers.

Your customers don’t have to be experts in logistics to book a shipment. Your customers can compare freight rates and book sea, air, road, courier, and parcel shipments in one platform, which reduces your time spent on customer service by handling bookings. fLex is the most reliable and easy-to-use software to keep your customers happy and your operation lean. We also integrate with carriers such as TNT, UPS and DHL.

Booking Module
Step 1: Make Freight Quote

Make a quote with just a few clicks

With just a few clicks, based on actual procurement rates and template surcharges, you make a quote for your customer.

Step 1: Make Freight Quote

Calculate online

By the click of a button, give the customers' contacts a login to your fLex online calculator. Here, the customer can see past and current total freight costs for specific shipments.

Step 1: Make Freight Quote

Get the booking

With the total cost calculation at hand, the customer can click book on the desired service and enter the needed details for that particular transport mode. The booking is then transferred to your TMS for further operation. Customers can also book if they do not have a quote for a particular shipment, and then the price can be added later and a standard quote can be issued.

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Still in doubt? Here are some of the most treasured fLex features:

  • We support Sea, Air, Road and Courier transport modes
  • Our fully customizable booking platform offers door-to-door comparison of prices across all transport modes
  • We provide full transparency from procurement rates to customer selling rates
  • We directly integrate with couriers, carriers and other freight forwarder suppliers
  • Our cloud-based platform for instant scalability and high reliability
  • We give you the option to offer an API solution to your customers

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